We Provide The Following Mover Services

Our promise to deliver makes us your first-choice moving partner.

We offer you reliable and high-quality services in three main sectors with our significant knowledge and experience as a professional moving service in Singapore.

Residential Movers

With a team that operates across the country, we provide quick and dependable moving services for residents looking to relocate to different areas in Singapore. We offer non-obligatory on-site quotations to clients who are interested in our services before their move. Our team understands the value of your household possessions and how draining a relocation can be. Therefore, as home movers in Singapore, whether you are relocating from a flat, house, or apartment, we take pleasure in our ability to deliver your belongings safely. With innovative practices and extensive experience in the industry, we ensure a smooth and convenient moving process, from picking suitable packing materials to unloading your possessions at your new residence.

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office movers in Singapore

Commercial Movers

As office movers in Singapore, we provide our services to business entities regardless of their scale. Our team offers highly competent and hands-on relocation services to a clientele ranging from sole proprietorships to large public corporations. Our commercial moving trucks are driven by experienced drivers, while skilled mechanics and technicians maintain and service the vehicles. It assures the efficient operation and safety of the trucks, as well as the least amount of downtime feasible during the moving procedure. Our team of movers will handle the transfer of office equipment, as they are experts in the disciplines of packing, assembling, handling items and other tasks related to moving services in Singapore.

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Storage & Warehousing

While we are movers and packers in Singapore who serve both households and businesses, we also offer storage and warehousing facilities for your convenience. This is particularly useful if you are relocating in phases or if you are unsure where you want to keep certain items. Our palletised storage facilities are in compliance with insurance standards and are extremely secure. As security precautions for the warehouse, we have integrated 24-hour off-site CCTV surveillance, as well as 24-hour security and armed response. Our certified and experienced warehouse staff will safely wrap and handle all of your belongings in and out of storage using durable plastic covers or blankets. We provide these services at reasonable rates for both short and long-term needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How precise is your moving estimate?

We take pride in our ability to deliver accurate moving quotations in the industry as a leading provider of relocation services in Singapore with decades of accumulated expertise. Our team works closely with our clients to fully understand their moving needs and provide a quote that is accurate. 

As a client, make sure to provide us with as much information as possible about the move for a more accurate estimate, and be sure to notify us of any unusual conditions we should be aware of. Failure to include any important information about the move may result in unexpected expenses.

2. Are there any items you will not move?

Packing any perishable food or harmful items among your belongings without alerting your house movers in Singapore is not a wise decision. Therefore, make sure you understand which items are on the hazardous materials list. These could include paints, thinners, aerosols, weapons, pesticides, etc. Furthermore, CitiStar Transport will not transfer hazardous or flammable objects as the truck temperature can cause them to explode or ignite.

3. Do you transport during inclement weather?

It is possible but not advised. Relocating during harsh weather conditions is impractical, as it can jeopardise the safety of both your belongings and the crew.