7 Tips to Avoid Moving Scams


Moving can be an exhilarating experience, but it is often stressful and overwhelming. You have to relocate a lifetime’s worth of belongings carefully, without damage and quickly enough to allow new tenants to settle in. In such a situation, a professional moving company in Singapore can provide reliable and diligent services in a timely manner to ensure a seamless relocation. Hence, finding the best mover requires careful consideration in order to ensure an easy and stress-free relocation.

Falling victim to moving scams is one of the most common concerns for many people during this process. While some movers are honest and transparent with their operations, there are a few who may use deceptive practices such as adding hidden costs, overcharging, or withholding your items for additional fees. Therefore, it is essential to be vigilant, as scammers prey on people’s natural desire to save money when moving.

What are Moving Scams, and How Do They Work?

A moving scam occurs when untrustworthy movers deceive customers by providing false estimates, holding their belongings hostage, or even stealing them. Victims of these schemes often feel violated and helpless. To protect yourself from such a scenario, become acquainted with classic moving scams and how they work.


Unreliable movers in Singapore may often entice their customers with low quotes to acquire their business. They will raise the price once they get your belongings, claiming unforeseen complications or additional work. You will have no choice but to pay more to regain your items in such a situation.

Hostage Items

Fraudulent movers may take your belongings hostage for ransom during a scam. They could demand more money from you to release your items. They may also argue that your items weigh more than predicted or that more services were required during the move, causing the price to rise. Moreover, they may withhold your belongings until you agree to their requirements.

Disappearing Acts

When it comes to moving scams, there are mainly two types of disappearing acts.

The first is when the movers provide an estimate, collect a deposit, and then fail to appear on the moving day. However, not every professional mover in Singapore who requests a deposit to plan your move is a swindler. Failure to attend on the day of the relocation, on the other hand, is never a good sign, especially if there has been no prior communication or explanation.

The worst-case scenario for a disappearing scam is when a moving company loads your belongings onto their trucks and then vanishes. The movers will simply cease contact with you and flee with your belongings, leaving no trace. People can suffer severe financial and emotional damage as a result of scams like this. 

When it comes to avoiding these scams, it all comes down to trusting a reputable moving company in Singapore. Here are seven tips to help you avoid such scams.

1. Do Your Research

While it might be convenient to choose the first moving company you come across, make sure to go through their client testimonials and ratings. Check to see if the company has received any complaints or claims of fraudulent behaviour. Investigate mover associations and certifications that showcase the company’s legitimacy. Doing your homework will save you a lot of money, time, and trouble in the long run

2. Check About Insurance

Make sure to inquire if they have insurance and what type of coverage they offer in the event that something is broken or lost during the relocation. Reliable movers will have insurance to cover any damages that occur during transportation. Otherwise, you will be liable for any damage that occurs.

3. Get a Written Estimate

Before signing a contract, always request a written estimate of the total cost. Do not rely on verbal agreements or estimations obtained over the phone. Understand what you are paying for, including any surcharges or additional expenses. This is due to some scammers providing a low-ball quote at first, only to boost the price later by including expenses not specified in the contract.

4. Get Their Contact Details

Get the contact information of the moving company employees should you need to follow up on anything during or after your move. If you have any questions, contact the company directly and ensure that they have a valid phone number and email address.

5. Examine Their Service Terms

Take your time reviewing the service terms, and do not sign anything unless you are positive you understand everything. Read the fine print and clarify any points that are unclear to you. Furthermore, check the cancellation policy should you need to change or cancel your relocation.

6. Create a List

Make a list of everything in your home, especially the valuables, or get an inventory copy of the items being relocated. These lists will serve as a record and can be used to determine whether all items have been transported safely to your new residence.

7. Do Not Pay in Advance

A good mover will not demand the full payment before the relocation is completed. They will usually ask for a deposit. If they want the full payment, it could be a sign of a scam. Therefore, be cautious and only pay once the move is completed and all of your belongings have been accounted for.

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